Binary Domain registered for February launch

Hate robots? Live in fear of a robo-uprising? Have no fear! You'll be able to practice killing your ferrous foes from February 14 in Sega's squad-based robocide simulator Binary Domain. Unless you feel too uncomfortable in the presence of your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, that is. They are essentially lazy robots, aren't they?

You'll want to stay on the good side of your fleshy friends too, as Sega also used Gamescom to detail the 'Consequence' system.

It's essentially a loyalty system as seen in countless RPGs, where your squadmates will base their opinions of you on how you fight and what you say to them. Sega offers the example:

Charging forward alone, covering your friends or leaving them exposed can have different consequences beyond the obvious. Some characters might respect you acting alone, proving yourself as a leader. Others will damn you for breaking ranks and not following orders. It all depends on you reading your team, and their opinion of you.

Will it have consequences beyond how happily or begrudgingly your little squad bobs along? What, isn't that enough for you?

The Consequence system also ties into Binary Domain's voice control. As well as issue squad commands, you'll be able to chat with your chums about this and that. It'll recognise six languages, and apparently some unusual convention topics. Joystiq notes that you can declare your love for your lady squadmate, though she won't be too pleased. Thanks, video games.