Frobisher Says: a 'stupid video game' for Vita

Indie developer Honeyslug announced an incredibly odd little game it's working on for the PlayStation Vita called Frobisher Says. Based on the debut trailer, the game seems spiritually-related to mini-game based titles like those in the WarioWare series, but will utilize all manner of the Vita's input capabilities, including its camera, gyroscope, microphone, and front and rear touch pads.

Frobisher Says will allow a group of friends to play together by sharing a single PlayStation Vita. According to a report on PushSquare, this "pass-the-parcel multiplayer" mode will support twelve players in the final version. The game also features the colorfully playful and strange art of Richard Hogg.

Frobisher Says doesn't have an official release date yet, but Honeyslug expects it to be ready sometime around the PlayStation Vita's launch.

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