God of War PSP Collection re-renders cutscenes for 1080p

The God of War: Origins Collection is updating the acclaimed PSP games in HD -- and this time, that includes the pre-rendered cutscenes. While the original God of War Collection kept the cutscenes in all their former, fuzzy glory, the PSP's smaller original resolution made the update a necessity for this one.


"The gap in video resolution between our PSP source footage and full HD was so extreme that no matter how many custom video up-scale solutions we tried, there was just a glaring quality difference between the 1080P real-time gameplay and the video," said Ready at Dawn art director Nathan Phail-Liff, on the PlayStation EU Blog. "It was pretty demoralizing for us to play the game in beautiful HD and hit a cinematic trigger where Kratos looked like he was rendered through a dirty sock."

Phail-Liff says they ported the cinematics to the PS3 and rendered everything through the new engine, giving it a new HD look that blends better with the rest of the game. Those who played the original God of War Collection know how jarring it can be to see the visuals suddenly go blurry, so this should be a welcome change.

The updated version also promises 1080p resolution with stereoscopic 3D, for you videophiles. It's set to hit in September. Check out our hands-on E3 preview for more details.

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