Joe Danger: The Movie announced, is not an actual movie

Joe Danger is packing up his bike for a trip to Hollywood. Hello Games announced Joe Danger: The Movie today, a sequel to the original game starring the titular stunt man. Details are sparse right now, but we've gotten some intriguing hints about the direction for the game, including the likelihood of multiple platforms.

The official announcement from the Hello Games site includes a teaser image, which shows Joe donning a jet pack, skis, a tank, and a mine cart. It seems like his stunt career is taking some interesting new paths.

"I would say that the entire gameplay experience of Joe Danger on PSN would be just one short scene in this new game," Hello Games boss Sean Murray told Eurogamer. "We've kind of gone a bit crazy in terms of ideas and scope, or at least I really hope we have." Murray says it will resemble "every film you've ever loved as a kid," citing references like Labyrinth, Karate Kid, and Robocop.

Murray also hinted that this installment won't be a PSN-exclusive like its predecessor. "We're not ready to talk about platforms yet, but I reckon we will reach a much larger audience than PSN this time," he said. "That's the plan." This echoes the teaser line on the lone piece of art, which promises, "Coming soon to consoles everywhere."

Note that despite the name, Joe Danger: The Movie is not actually a movie, but rather a game based on movies. Now if we can just get an actual movie adaptation based on the game that riffs on movies, the journey will come full circle.

Joe Danger: The Movie will be shown off at Gamescom next week, followed by a showing at PAX. We should know more about the game soon.