Divinity studio announces spin-off, Dragon Commander

Larian Studios, the developer behind Divinity series, has announced a spin-off title called Dragon Commander. The turn-based strategy RPG is in development for PC and unspecified consoles, and is due out sometime in 2012.

As the name suggests, you'll be taking on the role of the Dragon Knights from Divinity, using your swaths of dragons and allied engineers and wizards to take over the empire. Larian describes the art style as "Art Nouveau/Steampunk," which didn't make much sense until we saw the game's first footage.

"We've been dreaming about a project like this for many years, and fresh from the success of our latest game we realized that there is nothing that holds us back any longer," said game director Swen Vincke in the announcement. "The new game blends together our favorite genres and themes, something that is not easy - but the resulting gameplay experience is very rewarding, and it's also a lot of fun to make.

"We have role-playing, we have strategy, we have exploration... and we have plenty of dragons. We also feel that we have finally discovered how dragon combat can work well in a game. We're pretty much breaking new ground here, and we're very much determined to surprise the players with what we'll offer in this game!"

More details will be shared at Gamescom next week. Until then, check out the first footage of the game below.