Octodad 2 reaches funding goal

After achieving 121% of its goal, the team at indie developer Young Horses has announced plans for Octodad 2 will go forward. The developer--which formed soon after releasing the original game where players took on the role of a dedicated father, who just happens to be an octopus--collected $24,320 from 608 donors on Kickstarter to help finance the project.

To celebrate reaching (and surpassing) its goal, Young Horses have released two new levels for the original game in the series. The free game with additional levels can be downloaded from the dev's website. The new version of the game also promises performance increases.

Currently, the new levels are only available for PC users; however, a Mac release will arrive sometime in September.

"These levels are a bit gritty, but we thought that it would be better to end the game as we originally intended to for the Independent Games Festival rather than keep them in our archives any longer," the developers wrote in a thank you letter on its Kickstarter page. "These levels are a labor of love and even though we can’t let you see too much from Octodad 2 yet they should whet your appetite for the time being."

For future updates, Young Horses plans to release a web comic series along with details on the development of Octodad 2 for the PC and Mac.

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