Red Orchestra 2 Steam edition, pre-orders unveiled

A special 'Steam Digital Deluxe Edition' of Tripwire's PC WW2 shooter sim Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad has been unveiled, packing bonuses including beta access, new playable characters for Tripwire's Killing Floor, and new Team Fortress 2 hats. Pre-orders are now open for both the standard and special Steam editions, with a nifty discount.


The Steam Digital Deluxe Edition, naturally available only through Steam, costs $10 more than the regular game. It will grant you access to the last stage of the pre-release beta test, along with day-1 unlocks of two elite assault weapons and a pair of semi-auto sniper weapons when the game launches. And then there's the bonuses for other games.

In TF2, you'll get a German helmet and Russian "Pilotka" hat to wear. And while the Killing Floor playable characters you also get appear to be anachronistic Russian and German soldiers, they are, in fact, WW2 re-enactors. Well played, Tripwire.

The regular and Steam Digital Deluxe editions can now be pre-ordered from Steam with a 10% discount. This brings it to $35.99 for the plain-o version and $44.99 for the fancy one.

What's more, if you own the original Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 on Steam, the pre-order discount is bumped up to 20% off. You'll also score wearable Russian Guards and German Close Combat badges, and instant unlocks of the Kar98 and Mosin rifle bayonets.

Red Orchestra 2 is deploying to PC on August 30.