DC Universe Online safe from comic book reboot

Though DC Comics is rebooting its superhero universe, and nothing will be the same ever again and whatnot, Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG DC Universe Online will go relatively unscathed by the drastic, supposedly irreversible, comic book changes. DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, one of the reboot's architects, has explained that there may be small tie-ins placed within SOE's game, but nothing major will change.

"I think we're going to be able to tie into the relaunch in subtle ways in the game going forward," Lee said.

Starting in September, DC is rebooting its core comic book universe and relaunching 52 titles with new issue #1s. Characters are being jazzed up with new back-stories for modern audiences, some changed more than others, though they'll essentially remain recognizable. Plus, of course, everyone gets a new gritty and gaudy costume.

Lee explained that DC Universe Online is "the platonic ideal" of the comics, "the ideal version of the D.C. Universe as everyone mostly knows it, through all the different adaptations of our characters." As its own thing, the little pristine pocket will be safe from the reboot, though there may be some nods to it. "Maybe in terms of items you acquire in the game that might give players the ability to look like some of the new costumes," Lee told Kotaku

Asked whether there would be new missions tying into the rebooot, Lee said, "I wouldn't want to promise anything but we have been discussing it for a while, and having items in the game that players can get, that give them the new DC look would be the easiest to implement. And probably the most fun, actually."