Kinectimals Now with Bears! coming this fall

In possibly the greatest video game naming move ever, Microsoft has announced a sequel to its cute animal adventure game Kinectimals. The new edition is titled Kinectimals Now with Bears! Now for fun, try to guess the animals added to the game.


Like the original Kinectimals, the "Now with Bears" version has you adopting an adorable version of a deadly creature, teaching it tricks, and collecting treasures and toys. But on top of the five cat species, you can adopt five bear species as well: Black, Grizzly, Cinnamon, Glacier, and Polar. 10 more unlockable animals are discoverable through exploration, and if the previous game is any indication, more will be coming through promos and DLC. Plus, you can use the Microsoft Tags on plush toys to scan extra species of tiger and bear.

You'll be able to purchase the game either for $49.99 as a retail package, or a $14.99 "Bear Island" add-on to the original game. It's due out this fall.

Sure, it all sounds cute and cuddly now, until some camper decides it's perfectly safe to grab a bear cub. Warn your little ones about the differences between real animals and Kinectimals, before Microsoft takes the next logical step with "Kinectimals Now with Deadly Vipers!"