Twisted Metal retooling for M rating

Eat Sleep Play is currently retooling Twisted Metal to take advantage of its newfound M-rating, after failing to get a Teen rating. GameSpot reports that at a Comic Con panel, studio head David Jaffe said the ESRB wouldn't allow graphic live-action video for a T-rated game. Rather than cut content to fit, Jaffe's studio decided to run with the M.

"Without blood, it felt a little weird, frankly," Jaffe told the audience.

He also addressed a few burning questions. First, the game won't have a public beta, but instead will use a private and semi-private beta. He says the game doesn't require a huge testing pool, so the private beta will give better results. He also said that there isn't a Collector's Edition planned, and remarked that he wants to keep it that way.

Jaffe also demoed the game to show off some strategic choices, including the variety of weapon loadouts and special abilities. The garage mechanic lets you bring other cars into play, extending your life by hopping into a different vehicle while another is being fixed.