Games coming to Google+

Google seems to have accidentally dropped a hint about its plans to move into games. Again. This time it comes from a Google+ help page reported by VentureBeat, which said "If you're looking for updates shared from games, check out your Games stream." The page has now been pulled, but not before a screen grab was taken for proof. Streams sort the categorized content on Google+, currently consisting of groups and messages.

Not that this should be surprising, of course. Google+ is very clearly angling to compete with Facebook, and Facebook games are a huge market in the social gaming space. Google made waves by introducing features not present on Facebook, like Circles for grouping friends, but it also lacked some Facebook mainstays. It only makes sense that the service wants to reach parity with its competitor.

Besides which, Google has been making moves into gaming before, and this isn't the first time we've taken notice. Last year the company posted a job listing for a "Product Management Leader, Games." It also addressed the topic frankly at a ThinkGaming conference. Though we didn't know at the time that Google planned to launch its own social networking site, it all makes sense now.