Prototype 2 gets April release; September launch for X-Men Destiny

Following along with today's suite of Comic-Con-based announcements, Activision has revealed the release dates for two of its upcoming titles.

X-Men Destiny, the role-playing title from developer Silicon Knights, has been given a September 27, 2011, release date. Radical Entertainment's Prototype 2 is scheduled to arrive on April 24, 2012. Both titles are coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

For those heading to San Diego for Comic-Con this week, developer Radical Entertainment will be bringing Prototype 2 for "15-minute live stage presentations held throughout each day," while X-Men Destiny will be playable at the show.

Those stopping by the Activision booth (#5445) during 'The Con' can also enter for a chance to win "a limited edition, custom leather jacket modeled after the one Sgt. James Heller wears in the game; or a Alex Mercer one of a kind, custom skinned Xbox 360" console from Microsoft.