PopCap launches 'Pig Up!' preview on Facebook

PopCap has launched a preview of its latest game on Facebook, titled Pig Up! After being launched from a cannon, the adorable pigs flap wildly to stay in the air.

Bees, the natural enemy of the pig, are the game's major threat.

PopCap fans are likely to notice that the game bears a striking resemblance to Unpleasant Horse, the experimental side-project by PopCap's spin-off studio 4th & Battery. You'll be clicking to stay afloat and collecting "Flapples" to gain more flaps -- but no dragging enemies to their violent deaths. The game adds a bit more depth with "Piggy Pence" for upgrades.

There's no word on when the final version will release, but the game seems fairly complete in its current state. The developer recently confirmed that two of its hit games -- Plants vs Zombies and Peggle would be hitting Facebook "eventually," after EA counted it as an income-earner in a presentation about their recent acquisition.