The Secret World trailer visits Solomon Island

After so many years of fantasy and sci-fi MMORPGs, The Secret World is an awfully welcome and refreshing change, thanks to its real-world setting. Real-world-ish, at least, as it's filled with supernatural horrors and goings-on. A new trailer takes us on a tour of sleepy Solomon Island, stopping by its spooky funfair, deserted town, and haunted shores.

BOOM video 9652

The Secret World's being developed by Funcom under the direction of The Longest Journey writer and game director Ragnar Tørnquist, primarily for PC. Funcom plans to create some sort of Xbox 360 version, but it's a secondary concern and not yet definite. There's no solid word yet on when the MMORPG will be released. It'll be co-published by Funcom with EA.