Recettear localiser bringing Fortune Summoners westward

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale localiser and publisher Carpe Fulgur has confirmed the next Japanese indie game that it's bringing westward: Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone by Lizsoft.

Fortune Summoners is described by Carpe Fulgur founder Andrew Dice as, "a side-scrolling platformer action-RPG, cut from the same sort of cloth as Zelda II, Wonder Boy or the original Ys III (Wanderers From Ys, not Oath in Felghana)."


Carpe Fulgur had previously revealed hopes to release Fortune Summoners, but these were quashed in April by "a couple of fairly major differences in philosophy" between it and Lizsoft, including Carpe Fulgur's anti-DRM stance. Fortunately, all worked out well, and Fortune Summoners will indeed be released DRM-free here--unlike in Japan.

The Western release of Fortune Summoners will boast the "graphical enhancements" of its revamped Deluxe version, but only the voices from the original edition. The "professional" voice-over of the Deluxe edition is held under a separate license, Cape Fulgur explains, and "the going rate for getting the rights for the 'pro' voice-work would've immediately turned everyone at CF into hobos. There was no way to afford it and stay in business."

Carpe Fulgur expects to launch Fortune Summoners for PC in "November-to-early-December," preceded by a demo in September or October. The studio's also still working on bringing Chantelise over, promising "a lot coming up on that front."