Portal 2 Summer Mapping winners announced


Valve has announced the winners of its Portal 2 Summer Mapping Initiative contest. The company says that they received 280 entries in all, and the 13 lucky judges took 140 hours to complete them all. Play Portal 2 for hours and hours -- what a terrible fate, right?

Patent Pending, an intermediate difficulty map, won the contest. Pit-heavy Infinifling took second place, and Edifice won an honorable mention. Those levels have been given a Valve stamp of approval, so they're probably worth trying out. The instructions for installing the packs are at Valve's winners page.

The winning creators will each receive Portal 2-themed t-shirts, posters, and swag from Jinx, Think Geek, Glitch, and Valve. The company also reminded users of the music video contest currently running through July 15. You can win a guitar autographed by The National along with some Portal goodies, so get started if you have any video editing skills.