Shift 2 Unleashed DLC free on PC via Origin

While the console editions of Slightly Mad's racer Shift 2 Unleashed received two downloadable content packs earlier this year, PC players were left in the lurch. However, good news! Publisher EA has announced that the Speedhunters packs are both coming to PC for free on June 30.


Legends adds 14 cars and five racetracks from the 1960s and 70s, for retroheads, whilst Speedhunters brings shiny new modern cars and tracks plus Drag and Standing Mile modes. The packs cost $10 each on consoles, so PC racers are having their patience rewarded.

This act of kindness also serves as a plug for EA's recently-relaunched digital distribution site Origin, as you'll be required to register for Origin and install the client software to download the DLC. EA has said it views Origin as a platform analogous to Steam, Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network but it seems distinctly low-profile when placed alongside those names. Getting players even aware of the service through free DLC is a decent early move.