GoldenEye Reloaded domains registered

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 27, 2011 2:30pm PDT

It's unlikely Nintendo and Rare's classic GoldenEye will ever see a re-release, so might as well take the next best thing, right? That's what Activision is seemingly hoping, as it's registered a ton of domain names for GoldenEye Reloaded. Games sleuth superannuation discovered registrations for URLs like and

Given the appearance of the 007 logo during PlayStation's E3 conference, we're inclined to think the title refers to an unannounced Move port of the original Wii game. However, Activision's propensity to release games on every platform could suggest that this could be a reworked game altogether--one that uses traditional controllers.

Slide from Sony's E3 press conference shows off PlayStation Move games

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