Solatorobo: Red the Hunter coming to DS this Fall

XSEED is bringing the cult Nintendo DS JRPG, Solatorobo, to North America this fall. Originally released in Japan last year, Solatorobo is about a group of anthropomorphic furries that use mechs in their everyday lives. The gameplay primarily centers around Red using his mech, "DAHAK," in battle.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is developed by CyberConnect2, best known for their work on the Naruto Ultimate Ninja games and the PS2 RPG series .hack. The game is positioned as a spiritual successor to one of the team's earliest works, the even-more-cult classic, Tail Concerto, an obscure PS1-era action game published in the US by Atlus.

In spite of its relative obscurity and cult status, Nintendo of Europe recently decided to localize the game for release in Europe. The NOE version will arrive in PAL territories next month.

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