Report: PlayStation Vita to launch 2012 in UK

The PlayStation Vita, formerly known as the NGP, may not hit all regions this year. CVG cites a retail source close to Sony, who claims that the company is considering a January or February launch for the system in the UK.

"Sony knows it's effectively gifting the festive handheld market to 3DS - but is still really confident of success," the source said. "The overall strategy is that they want the hardcore to buy first and then spread the word. It's a blow for us, but they think they can still do that in the UK without the Christmas sales boost."

The company is reportedly still targeting the US for a 2011 launch.

This isn't the first time we've heard hints that the device could miss this year's launch in some territories. Following the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan, SCEA president Jack Tretton said that the disasters may force them to only launch the handheld in one territory this year. Sony issued a denial that launch plans were impacted, but also clarified that it had never claimed the system would launch in all three territories simultaneously in the first place.