BioWare hacked, EA information compromised

And the hacks continue. Aaryn Flynn, Studio GM of BioWare Edmonton has sent out e-mails to registered users, informing them that "hackers gained unauthorized access to the decade-old BioWare server system supporting the Neverwinter Nights forums." Although Flynn assures users that "we immediately took appropriate steps to protect our consumers’ data and launched a thorough ongoing evaluation of the breach... information such as user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, mailing addresses, names, phone numbers, CD keys and birth dates from these forum accounts on the system may have been compromised, as well as other information (if any) that you may have associated with your EA Account."

As is becoming standard practice, EA is recommending that you change your password, especially if "your username, email address and/or password on your EA account are similar to those you use on other sites." In the coming weeks, EA recommends "all of our fans to always be aware of any suspicious emails or account activity and report any suspicious emails and account activity to Customer Support at 1-877-357-6007."

If you haven't started building a bunker and deleting all your personal information off the internet yet, at least you can take solace that "no credit card data was compromised from the servers." And if you haven't received the e-mail, EA says "we have no reason to believe that your information was potentially affected."