Fallout New Vegas 'Old World Blues' DLC coming July 19

Fallout: New Vegas will be getting its next bit of downloadable content on July 19, Obsidian announced today. It's titled "Old World Blues," and will come to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 simultaneously. The company also released a screenshot, showing off the wastelander's natural predator: robo-scorpions. Circle of life and all that.

The first piece of DLC, Dead Money, came to Xbox 360 first. Subsequent packs were planned to be simultaneous releases, but the PlayStation Network hack threw off those plans.

A new title update will be coming just before Old World Blues hits. It promises performance and stability improvements, which will hopefully iron out the remaining wrinkles. Past patches have improved performance for some users, but not all. As with so many Fallout patches and DLC releases, new bugs are prone to pop up, so we'll keep an eye out for any issues come mid-July.