Indie explore 'em up Kairo pre-orders open

Virtual voyagers and explorers of digital realms might fancy a gander at Kairo, an indie "first-person atmospheric exploration and puzzle solving game" which you can pre-order now for $8.

Kairo's developed by Richard Perrin, creator of horror adventure game The White Chamber and, I should say, pal o' mine. Perrin notes that Kairo draws inspiration from minimalistic and abstract architecture, as well as games like Ico and Myst.

The full game's expected to launch late this year for PC and Mac, with pre-orderers getting it a week early. Pre-ordering Kairo for $8 will also get you instant access to an alpha preview build. Recognising the vein of good will which often runs through indie game purchases, Perrin's also offering a $60 'Patron' pre-order package, with a special signed DVD, a mention in the credits, and a roasty-toasty warm feeling inside.

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