Mortal Kombat 'Skarlet' DLC due June 21

NetherRealms Studios and Warner Bros Interactive has taken the proverbial wraps off of its character downloadable content plans for Mortal Kombat. As previously reported, Skarlet will come first. The blood-thirsty ninja who is literally made of blood will hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace on June 21 for $4.99 and 400 MSP, respectively.

That date will also bring a free compatibility pack, letting you fight online against Skarlet even if you haven't downloaded her. The free pack will include "klassic" skins for Cyrax and Sektor, straight from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. NetherRealm Studios boss Ed Boon had previously promised free content with the purchase of the Skarlet DLC.

The trailer teases more DLC characters coming later this summer. The blind warrior Kenshi was previously leaked but is now confirmed. We'll also get the purple ninja Rain, and a mysterious fourth character. Place your bets now, folks.

If each character costs $5 like Skarlet, getting the full set will cost you a solid $20, plus $5 for the recently-released Klassic skins pack. It may be a bit steep, but it will be hard to complain if each of the compatibility packs will include a few free goodies.

Check out Skarlet's story trailer below, which is both completely insane and totally fits the bizarre Mortal Kombat mythos.

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