Puzzle Agent 2 releasing June 30


Telltale Games has announced that Puzzle Agent 2 will be coming later this month; June 30, to be exact. If you missed out on the original game, you can pre-order Puzzle Agent 2 for $8.99 and get the first Puzzle Agent as a freebie.

Telltale is also holding a captions contest to gain access to Puzzle Agent 2 before it launches. You'll need to pre-order the game to enter the contest, but if you want to play it anyway, you might as well test your clever writing skills to try to score it early.

The sequel stars special agent Nelson Tethers of the FBI's obscure Puzzle Research division, returning to Scoggins, Minnesota to put away the case that haunts him. If that sounds like tense film tropes wrapped in a ridiculous subtext, you pretty much have the right idea.

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