Carrier Command: Gaea Mission media deployed

Bohemia Interactive has been largely quiet about Carrier Command: Gaea Mission since announcing it in 2008, but no longer. At E3, the Arma developer broke its silence to send out a batch of screens, a trailer, and a handful of details.


A remake of 1988 classic Carrier Command, Gaea Mission is a large-scale warfare game with RTS elements. Taking command of a colossal carrier ship, you'll be building, researching, and upgrading an army to trounce the enemy.

As well as deploying vehicles, aircraft and ships to take on the enemy's forces, you'll be jumping into them to dish out some hurt yourself. Luckily, you're safe back on your carrier, so you get to play with the war like it's one big toy. It all takes place in a 33-island archipelago spanning six climate zones, where you'll need to establish bases for resource collection, production, defense, and generally supporting you war machine.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2012, seemingly only on PC. It was originally due in spring 2010, then also planned for consoles.

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