Uncharted 3 getting LAN support

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will be getting LAN support, due to the PlayStation Network snafu. Kotaku reports that it all stems from when the PSN went down, and Naughty Dog was left unable to test its 3-person co-op and 10-person multiplayer modes.

As a workaround, the developer built in LAN support and went about their testing. It's a happy ending that gets happier with the knowledge that Naughty Dog just opted to keep the LAN support in the game. If you'd like to get together with some friends and a few PS3s instead of fiddling around with chumps online, you can.

Who says the hackers never gave you anything? You can thank them, personally, when they show up at your house ready for some LAN action. Don't worry about giving directions, they know where you live.

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