Project Cafe buzz high, but interest mixed

Consumer research group Nielsen recently surveyed console owners to gauge interest in upcoming consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. While neither Microsoft nor Sony have discussed next generation plans in much detail, Nintendo has confirmed that their new system -- currently dubbed "Project Cafe" -- will make a debut at E3 next week.

Given the mainstream success of the Wii console, it should be unsurprising that Nintendo's next endeavor has been gaining a lot of traction. According to Nielsen, "buzz" for Project Cafe pre-E3 is significantly higher than buzz for Project Natal/Kinect at a similar point before last year's show. Consumer interest in the Wii successor is already more significant than what Nintendo was able to generate with the 3DS last year.

However, while many people are talking about Nintendo's next home console, consumers don't seem entirely sold on the device. Rumors suggest that Nintendo is finally preparing a technologically competitive device, but consumers are definitely boding for more information. Only 27% of surveyed individuals said they'd be interested in buying Project Cafe within six months of release, compared to 25% and 24% for Microsoft and Sony's currently unannounced next-gen efforts, respectively.

Of course, with so little known about Project Cafe (and even less about the next Xbox and PlayStation), these results will undeniably change in the coming months and years. For now, all eyes will be pointed at Nintendo, as they fully expose their next system on Tuesday, June 7 at 9AM PST.