PSN restoring in Asia tomorrow, down for maintenance next week

The PlayStation Network will be coming back online in various Asian territories tomorrow, says Sony. The planned restoration includes Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malasia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The announcement was paired with game giveaways planned for the territory. Like the Welcome Back offers in the US and Europe, PSN members can select two PS3 and two PSP games from the choices. The PS3 line-up is The Last Guy, LocoRoco!! BuuBuu Cocoreccho!, Echochrome, Wipeout HD, and Hustler King. The PSP choices are Yuhshanokuseninamaikida, Everybody's Stress Buster, Patapon 2, LittleBigPlanet PSP,, and LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.

The PlayStation Network has been mostly restored for almost two weeks in the US and Europe, but that restoration was blocked in Japan and other Asian countries due to government agencies.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Store restoration plans are still up in the air. AV Watch (via Game Life) reports that during a recent financial call, a Sony representative insisted that the company is on-track to bring the Store back in May, but then issued a caveat: "even if we're late on that, it'll only be by a matter of days."

On top of that, Sony Europe is planning scheduled maintenance for next Tuesday, bringing the network temporarily down again. The outage will start on the final day of May and end on the first day of June, so the Store would have to come back before the maintenance starts to hit the May deadline.