Team Fortress 2 'Saxxy Awards' public voting opens

Public voting has now opened in the Saxxy Awards, the Team Fortress 2 video contest created by Valve to celebrate the recent launch of its video editing tools.

There's also a treat for fans of Old Man Murray, the fabulous video games site written by Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw before they worked at Valve. Yes, the voting was opened in a blog post written by OMM's official Adventure Gaming Mascot, Francis the Talking France. Those cheeky fellows!

You won't have to watch hundreds of entries to vote, as it simply shows you two videos from a category and asks which you should think of the two. You can them compare another two videos. And another two. Until you've had enough. Presumably, someone at Valve will apply some sort of mathematics to the results to find the winners.

Valve has spoken of presenting the winners with "a foot-high bust of an almost entirely naked Australian man"--TF2 extended fiction character Saxton Hale--and we certainly hope that's not a joke.