Infamous 2 gets more pre-order bonuses

Sony had already announced pre-order bonuses for Infamous 2 months ago, but now the company has announced even more pre-order bonuses. These will come via download with a pre-order voucher, and unlike the other bonuses, they aren't retailer specific.

The pack includes a Reaper skin, a caveman club, a samurai sword, and Sly's cane from Sucker Punch's Sly Cooper series. These extras join the retailer-specific 24K Gold Amp (Amazon), Kessler skin (Best Buy), Lightning Hook (GameStop), and Electrocution Grenade (Wal-Mart). The "Hero Edition" will include all of the bonuses, plus a Cole statue, sling pack, and mini-comic, for $99.99.

Infamous 2 is also going to include user-generated missions, which recently started beta testing. The beta was interrupted by the PSN hack, so it's being extended to give players a longer chance to try out the level creator.

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