No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise coming to North America August 16


Travis Touchdown can finally stop running around and spike the rock on North American soil. Today, Konami has announced that No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise will launch for the PS3 on August 16 in North America. The game arrives in Europe tomorrow.

Given an HD upgrade and Move support, Heroes' Paradise is a remastered version of the previously Wii-exclusive No More Heroes, which released in 2007.

A non-Move enhanced version sliced through Japanese retail last year; however, Konami reiterated that a new PS3 version with Move support is on the way with the new title "No More Heroes: Red Zone."

The No More Heroes series is originally developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, with feelplus taking over duties to bring the game to the PS3. When Ubisoft--publisher of the series on Wii--decided not to bring the PS3 version to North America, Konami picked up the property. An Xbox 360 version is available in Japan from publisher Marvelous Entertainment; however, it will not be making its way Stateside.