Gears of War 3 beta had 1.29M participants

The beta test for Gears of War 3 has officially curb-stomped its last head. To mark the occasion, Epic Games has crunched the numbers and provided some fun stats regarding the beta participation.


According to a press release distributed by Microsoft, 1.29 million people, spanning 145 different countries, participated in the beta. Those participants played 249 years during the 11 million matches. They racked up 927 million kills, 131 million executions, and 23 million deaths by chainsaw. Almost 23 billion bullets were fired to boot.

But you might want to know just how exclusive your prizes are. 4.9 billion ribbons and 291 million medals were earned through the beta. If you earned the beta-exclusive Thrashball Cole skin, you're in good company with about 435,000 fellow fake sport enthusiasts. If you managed to earn the beta-exclusive Gold Retro Lancer, only about 234,000 people are as awesome as you.

"An overwhelming success - we can't thank the fans enough," said Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski in the announcement. "While the beta was a fun way to give players an early taste of our game, it also provided us with invaluable feedback to help us refine and polish Gears of War 3 to ensure it's truly the culmination of the trilogy we promised to the fans."

Microsoft and Epic Games also announced that the title has surpassed a million worldwide pre-orders, making it the fastest Xbox exclusive to reach the number. Epic also recently unveiled the Limited and Epic editions of the game, going for $80 and $150, respectively.