Mass Effect 2 'Genesis' comic on XBLM


If you felt the deep pangs of regret and jealousy upon learning that the PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 received a free motion comic lacking in the Xbox 360 version, there are two things you should know. First, the rest of the world envies your problems. Second, now you can get the "Genesis" motion comic on Xbox 360, for a price.

The Xbox Live Marketplace now offers the comic for a cool $4 (320 MSP). It requires a copy of Mass Effect 2, lasts about 15 minutes, and lets you make some of Shepard's choices from the original Mass Effect and import them into a new game of ME2.

Mass Effect 3, now delayed to early 2012, will come with some form of similar interactive story recap for anyone picking up the series fresh from that point. After all, if you can't see the ripples of your decisions playing out in the story, what's the point? That's kind of Mass Effect's thing.