CRUSH3D announced for Nintendo 3DS


Apparently deciding that 1990s Internet-speak is awesome again, today Sega announced CRUSH3D, a Nintendo 3DS remake of the more reasonably titled PSP puzzle game Crush. The game is set for a September 6 release in North America, and September 9 in Europe and Australia.

The surreal puzzle-platformer has the hero, Danny, switching between a 2D and 3D perspective by "crushing" (or un-crushing) the perspective. This lets you navigate the stages and defeat enemies by swapping between the two visual styles. The game is also said to make use of the system's StreetPass functionality to leave gifts laying out for your friends and random 3DS-playing street hobos.

"CRUSH3D gives all gamers a chance to experience this critically acclaimed concept in full 3D," said senior VP of marketing Gary Knight. "With features specifically designed for this exciting new platform, CRUSH3D is right at home on the Nintendo 3DS."

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