Shack PSA: Weekend PC digital deals

We've been contacted by video games, who were jolly insistent that we inform the world about the range of cheap PC games on sale at digital distributors this weekend. Video games informed us that we would pick a selection of this week's discounts, or we'd be spitting teeth through our joypads for weeks. We're not sure what that even means but suspect it's best we follow their instructions. The following is included as proof of our compliance:


Men of War: Assault Squad


You can get 25% off pre-ordering these top titles by applying the promotion code SIZZLE at the checkout: Plus, these regular deals:

Battlefield 3

Green Man Gaming


Electronic Arts

Dead Space 2

Get Games

The Oddboxx


EVE Online


King's Bounty Crossworlds


ArcaniA: Gothic 4

Good Old Games

Master of Orion 3