L.A. Noire gets Rockstar Social Club integration

It probably won't come as a huge surprise, but Rockstar has confirmed that it will be incorporating Rockstar Games Social Club functionality into its upcoming sleuther, L.A. Noire.


First introduced for Grand Theft Auto IV, the Rockstar Games Social Club provides both in-game and web-based features. Players will be able to access the Social Club website for access to a "wealth of robust game progress stat tracking and friend comparison features that members have come to expect, including enhanced versions of the checklists that everyone loved with Red Dead Redemption."

L.A. Noire's in-game Social Club bonuses will include an exclusive "Chicago Lightning Suit" that gives protagonist Cole Phelps an accuracy boost when using shotguns or machine guns. (See the top image of this article to get a look at the special duds.)

The most intriguing Social Club integration in L.A. Noire is an "Ask the Community" feature. Players connected online can use this feature to see the choices that other players made in certain situations, broken down by percentage. While it doesn't necessarily indicate the best solution in a given scenario, it's interesting to be able to see how other players chose to react in a particular encounter.

The "Ask the Community" feature, in conjunction with the recent announcement that casual players will be able to skip difficult action sequences, further indicates that Rockstar is doing all it can to make L.A. Noire more accessible to casual players. Thankfully, these additional features are entirely optional and merely provide workarounds for rookies, rather than dumbing down the core gameplay across the board.

For more about the game, be sure to check out our earlier preview.

L.A. Noire is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 17.