Humble Frozenbyte Bundle closes at $909K


The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle has closed, bringing in a grand total of $909,918.39. Windows users made up about 2/3 of the purchases, with Mac and Linux splitting the remainder almost evenly. But as per usual, Windows users paid the lowest average price ($3.91). Mac users paid more ($6.42), and Linux users blew them both out of the water ($11.82). The average price across all platforms was $4.97, and the highest contribution came from an anonymous donor, for $2,222.22.

This was the Humble Bundle's first time highlighting a specific developer, Frozenbyte, and didn't hit the million mark like the Bundle's previous, more varied incarnations. It's hard to blame Frozenbyte, though, since this edition may have simply gotten less attention, or had people donating less if they had already bought the other two bundles.

Regardless, $910K is nothing to sneeze at. That money will be split among Frozenbyte, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child's Play, and the Humble Bundle for operating costs. A recent SEC filing uncovered by Gamasutra revealed that the Humble Bundle company is backed by a whopping $4.7 million in venture capital.