Trailer spills the beans on Super Street Fighter IV 'Arcade Edition' DLC, disappears

A trailer uploaded by website ConsoleTECH, supposedly leaked from Capcom's "Captivate" event, has revealed that Capcom does plan to launch the "Arcade Edition" content for Super Street Fighter IV as downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Soon after the video hit the net, it was pulled and replaced with a copyright claim from Capcom. The site's original post featuring the reveal has also been pulled.

The trailer began with a menacing Evil Ryu screaming, "My name is Ryu, and the ultimate power has awakened in me!" After featuring a few devastating combos by the former hero engulfed in flames, the trailer reveals Oni--otherwise known as Akuma in his ultimate form.

Along with adding Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, and Yang, the Arcade Edition DLC will include changes made to character balance from the Japanese arcade release. Players will still have the option to play against others who do not have the add-on, under the previous balance settings.

Previously, Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono ruled out the content coming to console in retail form, making the DLC the perfect fit. Last week, the BBFC rated the Arcade Edition for a June release, making it unclear if the content won't be part of another bundle down the line.

According to the trailer, the content will also enable "support for additional alternate costumes," profile titles shown during online matches and boasts an "enhanced replay" system allowing players to share replay data; filter replays based on the best players (dubbed the "elite channel"); and the option to "follow" online users to automatically receive their replay updates.