Killzone 3 'Steel Rain' DLC coming today in EU, April 12 in US


Killzone 3 is getting a bit of downloadable content soon, along with a patch to boot. The official blog announced that the 'Steel Rain' pack will be available today for European fans for €4,99, and on April 12 in the US for $4.99. In Europe, PlayStation Plus users will get it free if they grab it in the first month.

Steel Rain includes two multiplayer maps. Junkyard, a Guerrilla Warfare map for up to 16 players, makes use of jetpacks and exoskeletons to brawl over high ground. Stahl Arms, a Warzone map for up to 24 players, features an attack on a research facility where Helghast are performing human experiments.

This comes alongside a new version 1.07 patch, which is set to go live this morning. Among the adjustments are fixes to several ribbons, crash fixes for clan matches, and tweaks to the effectiveness and damage of some ribbons. It also fixes several exploits, adds a "Mute All" button to the menu, and lays the groundwork for custom games. Check out the full patch notes for all the nitty-gritty details.