World of Goo on iPhone 'soonish'

Having already hit PC, Mac, Linux, Wii and iPad, 2D Boy's sticky puzzler World of Goo is finally coming to iPhone--or new iPhones, at least.

The independent developer announced over the weekend that World of Goo's iPhone edition has been submitted to the iTunes App Store for approval and is expected to launch "soonish." It'll cost $2.99 in the US, though for the first 24 hours you'll be able to snap it up for 99¢.

"We realized after the fact that the way we set pricing for the iPad version wasn't very friendly to fans and early adopters (started at $10, lowered to $5 after a month when we realized $10 was too high)," 2D Boy said. "Having learned some lessons from our first App Store release, we decided to do things in the most transparent and fan-friendly way possible this time around."

However, you'll need an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 to play World of Goo. "The iPhone 3G's processor was simply not fast enough to run the game as smoothly as we would have liked it to," 2D Boy explained.

As a bonus, the iPad version is becoming universal, so if you own that you'll also get the iPhone edition.