Homefront patch fixes Xbox 360 'Profile Freeze'


Yesterday, the recently downsized team at Kaos announced a new title update for the Xbox 360 version of its recently released shooter Homefront was available. The title update specifically addresses "all 'Profile Freeze' issues" gamers have experienced since the game's launch. According to the blog post announcing the update, the developer is "hard at work on further improvements" that players will see down the line.

The blog post also took a moment to tease upcoming add-on content for the game, promising "a full-time team" at Kaos is dedicated to both the technical side of the game as well as "development of a wide range of exciting DLC."

The post also notes the dev is not ready to talk about the DLC yet. You know, except the part where they told you know the DLC was happening, that it's exciting, and that the content covers a wide range, they totally can't talk about it.