Konami producer explains Castlevania DLC delay

Yesterday, we reported that Konami producer David Cox revealed a delay to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's 'Reverie' downloadable content due to last-minute Xbox 360 bug fixes. Today, Cox shared more detail with Shacknews, including the odd disparity between PSN regions.

We noticed that the content was already available on the PlayStation Network in the US, but not in Europe. "Konami took the decision to hold back the PSN release because the game is multi-platform, and we always try to release our multi-platform products simultaneously," Cox told Shacknews. "If the issue was on PSN, we would hold back the Xbox release in the same manner. Unfortunately, the release on PSN in North America could not be pulled in time which is regrettable and unfortunate."

Players shouldn't have to wait too much longer, though. "We have a working fix which is in test right now," Cox said. Though he declined to mention details, calling the bug "very technical," Cox mentioned that it's related to Xbox Live. "Everyone at Konami and Microsoft is working like crazy to get this last minute hitch fixed, so players can enjoy the DLC without encountering any problems.

"As a producer, it's very frustrating when these things happen, but it's the nature of game development that sometimes last-minute problems present themselves and can affect even the best laid plans. Putting out a buggy inferior DLC was simply not an option for us."