Castlevania 'Reverie' DLC delayed on 360


The Reverie downloadable content for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has run into an unexpected snag on the Xbox 360, leading to a delay. Konami producer David Cox tweeted the word yesterday, telling an eager fan, "Sadly it's delayed due to a last minute issue which we hope to have fixed shortly. Working with the XBox team to resolve."

The Reverie DLC was originally slated for February, but got pushed to this month for bug fixes. It sounds like they may have missed one, since the DLC was set to launch this week.

If you're a PlayStation 3 owner in dire need of some Reverie, though, the DLC has been available since last week. The content has Gabriel helping Laura destroy an "unruly evil that was previously kept in check by the recently slain Queen."

We've contacted Konami regarding the delay and will update as more information becomes available.