Super Meat Boy entering Super Meat World

The Steam edition of delightfully cruel indie platformer Super Meat Boy is soon to receive its long-awaited level editor and an online portal for user-created levels named Super Meat World.

Developer Team Meat explained over a series of Twitter messages that Super Meat World is "an automated level portal where you can play single levels people upload as well as full chapters we feature." User-created levels will have "difficulty and fun factor ratings to weed out the crap."


Super Meat World will launch with over 200 levels and at least five chapters, as well as the option to play a randomly-generated chapter of highly-rated user levels.

Team Meat noted that Super Meat World will launch "very soon," and may be "days away even."

Unfortunately, "for now" Super Meat World will only be available to owners of the Steam edition. Asked whether Direct2Drive customers would receive it, Team Meat replied, "probably not for a while (or at least not till they pay us)."

The developer also says that development on the Mac edition of Super Meat Boy will begin "after Super Meat World is 100% functional." The Mac port will be a Steamplay title, meaning all who own the PC edition on Steam will receive it automatically.