Rayman now on GOG for $6

Michel Ancel's classic platformer Rayman is once again readily available, thanks to virtual vintage video game vendor Good Old Games. You can buy it now, DRM-free, for $5.99.


GOG stocks the Rayman Forever edition, which includes a level editor and 40 fan-made levels. You also get the soundtrack thrown in for free.

Though Ubisoft put Rayman on the backshelf for a few years to focus on the Raving Rabbids spin-off series, the limbless wonder is coming back into the limelight.

A gorgeous episodic Rayman series named Rayman Origins was announced for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network during E3 2010. The first part was originally due last holiday season but was delayed, though work still continues. A Nintendo 3DS version of Rayman 2 was part of the new handheld's launch line-up under the name Rayman 3D.