Beyond Good & Evil HD coming to PS3 in May


Today Ubisoft announced that the PlayStation 3 version of Beyond Good & Evil HD will come in May, via the PlayStation Blog. Though associate producer Eric Damian-Vernet didn't disclose a more specific release date, he did mention that Jade and Pey’j avatars will be available for players who pick up the game in its first two weeks on PSN.

The game enjoyed a brief stint as an Xbox Live Arcade timed exclusive, thanks to its part in the House Party promotion. BG&E is a mere $10 on XBLA, so we expect the same price when it hits the PlayStation Network.

Beyond Good & Evil enjoyed a positive critical reception at launch, but didn't manage to catch healthy sales. Ubisoft teased Beyond Good & Evil 2 with a trailer, but has been eerily quiet ever since. The company assured fans that it was still in development recently, but they may be watching downloadable BG&E HD sales carefully to gauge interest in a sequel.