THQ claims 375K day-one Homefront sales


Despite an embattled launch, THQ is claiming fairly impressive day-one sales for Homefront. The company announced that in North America, the game sold approximately 375,000 copies. CEO Brian Farrell said the company is "delighted with first day sales" and is already working on re-orders from retailers.

Of course, it's hard not to wonder if this cheerful optimism is an effort to regain some stock value. The game received mixed reviews, which may have contributed to shares of THQ (THQI) falling 20% on the Nasdaq.

If that weren't enough to deal with, players who picked up the game had trouble logging on for online games. A Kaos representative said the dedicated servers were "at capacity," which caused matchmaking issues. "The demand for servers has outstripped our expectations - so although we're thrilled that Homefront is so popular, we're doing all we can to bring more servers online to cope with this demand ASAP."

Now Kaos is working to upgrade its servers, but if sales are as strong as THQ claims it may be hard to keep up with the growing demand. We'll have to see how well the sales sustain themselves, once NPD numbers are released next month.