Hothead's Swarm arriving next week


DeathSpank developer Hothead's latest unusual protagonists, a group of "50 pudgy blue morons," will make their debut next week when the "action-platformer" Swarm launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

It'll hit PlayStation Network on March 22 and Xbox Live Arcade on March 23, Hothead announced on Twitter over the weekend. The European PSN release, however, will be on March 30.

Swarm gives players control fifty Swarmites to guide through hazard-filled levels, controlling the Swarm as a whole rather than individually. While some of the bumbling fools will accidentally die after failing to avoid the numerous explosions, buzzsaws, poison gas and other death traps, you'll also be callously killing the blue blighters to solve puzzles and even to keep your score multiplier going. Online leaderboards will keep track of scores for individual levels.

Point your peepers at our hands-on preview and this recent fine gameplay trailer for more about Swarm.