GDC: Super Meat Boy 'Ultra Edition' to retail in April

Super Meat Boy is finally coming to retail, in April, with an "Ultra Edition" of the game. Joystiq reports that Team Meat member Edmund McMillen announced the retail edition and showed off the box art at a GDC postmortem.

McMillen later confirmed that it's set for an April launch, and will cost $20. Goodies for the Ultra Edition include a 40-page booklet with art, behind-the-scenes info, extended comics, and the soundtrack. The (creepy) art revealed last year will be included as a mini-poster, and no longer serves as the cover for the game.

Team Meat confirmed via tweet that the Wii and WiiWare versions have been canceled, but they're "3DS devs" now. No word on whether that potential game will involve Meat Boy. The developers also noted that Steam sales outstripped XBLA, and so far the game has sold 400,000 copies.

We heard about this edition of the game way back in December, when it was just a nebulous special edition and the price wasn't set. Now that we have a set date and price, you can start searching the couch cushions in earnest.